The Story Bridge

Story Bridge was designed by Brisbane Designer Dr John Bradfield. He chose a cantilever construction with a suspended span. He believed such a design with its plated angles, bold towers and broad shoulders, viewed from near or far, would symbolise simplicity, strength and grace – it certainly does that.
Towering 80 metres over the Brisbane River, the bridge is a kilometre long and 24 metres wide. Excavating the foundations saw the removal of almost 40 000 cubic metres of rock and soil (enough to fill 23 Olympic-sized swimming pools).The construction phase consumed 41 250 cubic metres of concrete, 14 000 tonnes of steel and 1 500 000 rivets.
As time flies, Story Bridge is becoming popular and one of the most well known landmarks of Queensland. Standing strong and connecting the north and south suburbs. Tourist who visits in Australia always drop offs in Brisbane just to see the magnificent bridge. It is truly a very fascinating structure in the history seeing a one of a kind bridge. Tourist can also experience the " Climbing the Story Bridge Adventure".  Standing on the top of the Story Bridge will give you a stunning and and the other perfect perspective view of the city.

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